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Relaxation Piano Music: Ragtime Anthology (Compendium)
YouTube has been congratulating me for a while now about my acccount being enabled for uploads longer than fifteen minutes, so I thought I should finally avail myself. This video contains nine of what I feel are my best ragtime recordings, plus 'Solace', so if you are in the mood to listen to ragtime for an hour or so, this is the video to play. The pieces are:

Elite Syncopations
Eugenia Rag
Felecity Rag
Gladiolus Rag
Pineapple Rag
Searchlight Rag
Silver Swan Rag
Wall Street Rag
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Chopin: Ballade #2 (High Audio)
With all the drum videos I just uploaded I thought I should offer some reassurance that I haven't abandoned the piano. ;-)
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Dumbek & Panflute Improvisations #2
An 'exotic' sounding improvisation at the start, with fairly brisk drumming. It becomes a little more dancelike, with some experimenting with damping the resonance on the drum at times to provide a more 'shaped' sound.
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Dumbek & Panflute Improvisations #1
Yes, drumming with one hand, playing the panflute with the other. I start out with a bit of a 'quotation' from "Heigh-ho, Pentagram Glow", then do some rather free-form (at times) improvising on "We Must Take of Her (The Earth is Our Mother)", a Native chant. After some more-or-less free improvisation, I play a bit of an Andean song called "Anguistia", then some more improvisation. I then manage to contrive (at around the six minute or so mark) to play the drums with both hands while still playing the panpipes. I did this of course by spontaneously growing a third arm. ;-) After a while of that I return to using one hand for a while until the urge to miraculously grow a third arm returns. I slow down and then end on a somewhat plaintive note (because I've lost my third arm again and am feeling somewhat sad :-P ).
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Dumbek Solo #4
In this one I experiment with how you can change the pitch of the dumbek by moving your hand up and down inside the stem of the drum. The pitch is quite low, and I give it a good slapping; a bit of an endurance test from the sounds of it (I'm listening as I write this description). Then I slow down for a while, while still keeping the pitch quite low. After a while of that I raise the pitch and adopt a bit of a more swinging rhythm. Then some experimenting with sliding the pitch. Lots of experimenting with resonance and tone by varying what part of the hand(s) hits the drum, where, and from what angle. Plus slideing the tone. I try brushing the drum with my hands and fingertips while drumming. It is all very noisy. I finally end with some very quiet drumming at the edge of the drum, then on the rim.
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Dumbek Solo #3
A longer improvisation; I hit the edges of the drum and the rim, which results in a more metallic sound at times. Then I use more my palms. Then my knuckles for a while. Then I alternate hands, slapping it occasionally. This is beginning to sound vaguely abusive. Then I give it a really good pounding.
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Dumbek Solo #2
A short improvisation on the dumbek, which starts slowly and builds up to a bit of a frenzy. I use my palm & fingertips mostly, which results in a more resonant sound.
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Dumbek Solo
Something new again. :-O

I now have a fairly 'serious' drum. I was so intrigued by the way one could change the pitch of the dumbek by moving one's hand in and out of the stem that I got myself one yesterday, and spent an hour or two last night 'bonding' with it. I decided to record a track, & I experiment with various ways getting sounds out of the instrument (hitting it with different parts of my hand, hitting the drum in various locations, and so on). While I've not owned a good drum before, I HAVE had years of practice doing shamanic drumming on my Siamese cats, so hopefully this gives me a bit of a head-start. ;-)

I hope to do some multi-tracking with panpipes, but at the moment this is just a drum solo.

Accompanied with dramatic cloud pictures and night photographs.
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Waltz in F Major (Original Composition)
A cheerful, somewhat 'sophisticated' (in the words of my teacher) composition, which employs deceptive cadences, a bit of polytonality, and some very scary devil's tritones. ;-)
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Enigma Rag (Original Composition)
***This is a new recording, as the first one was marred by terrible bursts of static. I have used new pictures as well. I think the performance is a little more accurate.

I don't remember why I called it "Enigma Rag"; it's a bit of a mystery. ;-)

I play the piece sometimes straight, sometimes with a bit of a snap; on the whole it is a cheerful piece of music, though it ends on a somewhat questioning note.

The sheet music for this piece is available at:

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Impromptu (Original Composition)
This piece was really just an excuse to throw in a whole bunch of 'special effects' on the piano and to show off the bass.It varies in mood between somewhat dramatic and strident to more lyrical and reposed near the end. It's meant to sound like something that was composed on the spur of the moment, thus the title.

The sheet music for this piece is available at:

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A-Roving (
A rather ribald (but tastefully so) sailor's song from the 1800's. The chorus reminds me of the chorus from one of the songs I heard in Disney's version of "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea".
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I'm in the Mood For Love (Piano & Vocal)
Despite the fact that my first introduction to this song was 'Alfalfa' singing it (very badly) in the early TV show called the Little Rascals, I rather like this song, though it is a little old-fashioned. ;-)
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Old Ways, with Variations (Panpipe)
**This is a 'reload', as I misspelled Terrakian's name in the title of the video the first time around & one can't edit a video once it's uploaded.

A pagan song written by (former) Winnipegger Terrakian Wintermoon, played on the panpipes with a number of variations.

Old ways become new ways,
And new ways become old ways,
Ever turning, ever turning.

Oak King becomes Holly King,
And Holly King becomes Oak King,
Ever turning, ever turning.

And she who loves them all
Spins the wheel, ever turning,
And she who loves them all
Spins the wheel, ever turning.
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Eli Eli (Voice & Piano)
I first learned this piece on the piano (from a book of "Everyone's Favourite Songs" published in 1932), then on the panpipes; I enjoyed the exotic scale and the dramatic lyrics. When I decided to try to learn to sing the song I felt I should learn what the hebrew words meant and was surprised to find that they are the words Christ spoke on the cross (written out differently than what I am familiar with).
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Gymnopédie #6 (Original Composition)
A somewhat impressionistic piece, with a 'rain-drop' type of feeling brought about by a repeated note figure. My teacher found this a very 'French' piece of music. This is a recording taken from a concert in 1998; it is preceded by Gymnopédie #5 in the original recording & so it starts a lttle abruptly.

The sheet music for this piece is available at:

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Every Day and in Every Way, I am Getting Smarter (An Extreme-Bass Affirmation)
I don't know about you, but I do things smarter and betterer every day. :-)

Another example (as if one were needed) of my somewhat odd sense of humour. This video came about as a result of my berating myself an en 'extreme-bass' voice (I think I am around a D1) for something stupid I had done during a recording session and the little outburst that followed. A multi-track ode to my smrtness, with various effects thrown in and pictures of tree stumps, fungi, and other intelligent things.
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White Rose of My Heart (Panpipe)
A Welsh folk song on the panpipes.
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Scriabin: Etude #2, Op. 8
One of Scriabin's early works, and full of the sound of mystery which so fascinated him later in his life.
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Chattanooga Choo Choo (Piano Solo)
With a title like that, I would probably have never learned the song if i had not first heard it. An irrepressibly cheerful song from the big-band era.
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Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
I've always liked the strong celtic flavour of this Beatles song; this is a rendition of it on the piano.
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Sunflower Slow Drag (Scott Joplin & Scott Hayden)
A repost of Scott Joplin and Scott Hayden's collaboration. This performance is more reserved than my earlier posting (thus the comment 'less sauce'), more in a classical style, at least to start with; it loosens up a little bit as it goes on. I plan to post a more 'saucy' version sometime soon.

This track was recorded in a number of 'takes' which were then edited to this version. It is not quite error-free, but the errors that remain will hopefully be inobtrusive. I've done this in the interests of providing a better listening experience - and of course to make myself sound better. ;-)
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