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Jos Thone Auction  PIPA
Little Ripper Pigeon Documentary. Broadcast all over the world. Starring Jos Thone!!

http://www.facebook.com/LittleRipperMovie please visit and like our facebook page to get our new amazing pigeon movie broadcast!
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Desporto Columbófilo
Chegada das Fêmeas do treino de Évora (16/02/2013)
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HD Origami Dove Tutorial
Full HD Origami dove of peace tutorial without audio paloma sin audio colombe pomba taube colomba esercitazione due Оригами голубь учебник นกพิราบกวดวิชา güvercin öğretici 折り紙の鳩のチュートリアル 折纸鸽子教程 摺紙鴿子教程 종이 접기 비둘기 자습서
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RAW COVERAGE: From Ferguson, Missouri Before and After Curfew
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Tim Pool reported live from the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri where protests over the police killing of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown have become a daily occurrence. On Saturday, Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency in the city, and has implemented a curfew from midnight to 5 AM, a move that is proving unpopular with local residents.

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Arona-TENERIFE 2011 - PREPARE FOR GLORY! 30-08-2010 Pigeons condition!
Arona-TENERIFE 2011 - PREPARE FOR GLORY! 30-08-2010 Pigeon condition!Palomas, colombófilo, colombofilia, colombodromo, derby, oneloftrace, pichones, aves, pajaros, veterinaria, todopalomas, todopalomas.com, duiven, Duiven, postduiven, Postduiven, Ledesma, Barcelona, duivensport, Duivensport,
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Going Home.mp4
After a long haul with a convoy of articulated lorries travelling from the north of England to Brussels in Belgium, Jim Gibbon and his team from the Up North Combine released thousands of pigeons for the long flight home.
It is this journey, the organisation that gave rise to it, the lives of the fanciers, the drivers, and of course the pigeons that provide the backbone of our film. The kernal is the liberation of the birds and their astonishing struggle to get back to their lofts. The key attribute of these "athletes of the sky", as Jim Gibbon explains, is their combination of stamina and brains.
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colombi viaggiatori
Servizio realizzato da Francesco Petretti per Geo & Geo, con la collaborazione di Giacomo Dell'Omo. Orientamento dei piccioni viaggiatori, meccanismi di base
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